The Steering Committee (SC) Membership
  • Richard Kaplan (Chair)

  • Peter Parker

  • Chris Parker

  • Eric Aboagye

The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) Membership
  • Malcolm Mason (Chair)

  • Eytan Domany

  • Anwar Padhani

  • Caroline Dive 

Biological Research Committee (BRC) Membership
  • Gert Attard (Chair)

  • Paul Boutros

  • Andrew Feber

  • Hayley Whitaker

  • Charlotte Bevan

Patient & Public Involvement (PPI) Sub-Committee Membership
  • Steve Tuck (Chair)

  • John Long

  • Tene Green

  • Simon Murray

  • Peter Ellis

  • Alan Greene

This study is being launched with funding of £4.1m from the Medical Research Council and £1m from Cancer Research UK, as part of the MRC's Stratified Medicine Initiative. 


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