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PATIENT AND PUBLIC INVOLVEMENT (PPI) CANCER GROUP for people of diverse backgrounds

ReIMAGINE is committed to Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) at all stages of research involving cancer populations. PPI means actively working in partnership with patients and members of the public to plan, manage, design and carry out research. This involves informing the decision making process of researchers, which can entail reviewing content,  prioritising outcomes and/or evaluating impact.


The Black, Asian, and minority ethnic communities are disproportionately under-represented in research. For this reason, we would like to encourage more people from diverse backgrounds to engage by joining our PPI Cancer Group exclusively for Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic communities.  Your participation in this special interest group will inform research and ultimately improve cancer outcomes and reduce health inequalities.

Help contribute to research by signing up. For more information please email Saran Green, Patient and Public Involvement Coordinator for ReIMAGINE –


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