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When the charity worked with Bill Turnbull and Stephen Fry to share their stories and the news landed prostate cancer had become the third biggest cancer killer, men across the UK called their GPs – creating a record-breaking surge in men being diagnosed with prostate cancer. It’s now the most commonly diagnosed cancer in the UK.


But then the pandemic made it harder for men at increased risk of prostate cancer to access a GP, making it likely that thousands of prostate cancers have gone undiagnosed. It is estimated in England alone over 3,500 men at higher risk of prostate cancer will be diagnosed too late to be cured unless urological referral rates do not return to pre-pandemic levels.


“Most men with early prostate cancer don't have any symptoms, so it's important not to wait until you notice something’s wrong. If men are at increased risk because they’re over 50, if they’re black, or if their dad or brother had it, they should call their GP to ask about the pros and cons of a PSA blood test. We’re encouraging everyone to share our 30-second risk checker to help find these men that have missed out on a diagnosis.” Angela Culhane, CEO, Prostate Cancer UK


Complete Prostate Cancer UK’s online risk checker here: 

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